1. The date of journal publication

The society’s journal is published twice a year sharing with the Journal of The James Joyce Society of Korea; the summer issue is published every year by June 30th, while the winter issue is published the following year by December 31th.

2. Call for Papers

1. We invite scholarly papers and review proposals for the bi-annual publication in June and December. VWSK welcomes essays concerning the study of Woolf’s works, modernist and other 20th English Literature. 2. VWSK takes members’ essays in principle. In case of the special edition, those who are not members of VWSK are allowed to publish by the approval of the executive council. 3. Authors should submit one paper copies of the manuscript and email the manuscript in an attached file. Documentation format should follow the latest edition of the MLA Style Manual, and include 5 to 10 Key Words and an abstract of about 200 words. 4. Deliberations and amendments of the regulations concerning journal publication must receive the approval of more than two thirds of the editorial board. The final decisions of the editorial board must be reported to the executive council by the editor-in-chief. 5. Papers must reach by May 15th in the Summer issue and November 15th in the Winter Issue. 6. All editorial correspondence should be sent to

Dr. Joori Lee of the VWSK joorilee00@gmail.com | 010-8781-1476
Prof. Kiheon Nam of the JJSK namkh@snut.ac.kr | 010-2246-4127